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spa client wrapped in a towel getting a head massage

MVA Massage, or Motor Vehicle Accident massage, is when you receive massage therapy following a car accident.

About MVA Massage


a massage therapist giving a neck and shoulder massage on a motor vehicle accident client
What Do I Need?

You'll need your claim number (active), your adjuster's contact information, your auto insurance policy number and company, and a referral from your chiropractor or doctor.

a massage therapist giving a shoulder massage to a client following a car accident
How Does It Work?

Massage therapy helps reduce tension in the muscles, and also helps with the recovery of sprains and strains in tendons and ligaments, which are often injured in a car accident. Massage helps to decrease inflammation and promotes both physical and mental relaxation, which can further aid in your recovery.

The Process of MVA Massage
a wooden work desk with a planner, laptop, and iphone

After you receive the referral from your chiropractor, you can start scheduling your massages. We take care of everything for you, from submitting SOAP notes to billing your car insurance. This service is usually covered 100% by your insurance. The only time it might not be is if you were in a 1-person accident and you've already hit your PIP. If this is the case, we advise you to keep an eye on your remaining PIP coverage.

Prep & Aftercare
blackberry lemon water in glass jars on a blue desk

Prep: Do not take any painkillers or muscle relaxers prior to your massage.

Aftercare: Drink plenty of water! Typically you want to drink at least 1 liter of water after a massage. Follow any stretches your LMT or doctor have given you.

Session recommendations: We always recommend you follow the advise of your Chiropractor or doctor, however typically we've seen the best results with 2 sessions per week starting out, and then reducing from there as symptoms improve.

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