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Esthetician in Lake Oswego Values

As your Esthetician in Lake Oswego, I enjoy continuing my education through high-quality classes and am excited to expand my knowledge while sharing it with my clients! My approach encompasses relaxing but effective treatments, high-quality products, education, and home care. I love microneedling, as well as more advanced treatments.


I love the latest Netflix obsession and spending time outdoors, like the true PNW native that I am. I love personal development and self-reflection activities. Knowing and connecting to myself has brought the most compassion into my life, leading to more joy and happiness. I hope to share that connection with you in your session.

Meet Rachael, Your Esthetician in Lake Oswego & Founder 

Your Esthetician in Lake Oswego

Hi, I am Rachael, and I am thrilled to have you visit my website! After a 15-year career in massage therapy, I pivoted my career into esthetics, and would love to be your new Esthetician in Lake Oswego. I have intertwined my love of compassionate touch & beauty. My goal is to connect with people and help them feel confident and empowered in their skin while reminding them to be self-compassionate along the way.  

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