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DMK Enzyme treatments work with the skin. The enzymatic formulations provide truly effective skin revision, enabling optimal cellular function, which is key to youthful, healthy skin. 

About the Enzyme Treatment

DMK Enzyme Therapy

What Are Enzymes?

Enzymes are substances that act as biological catalysts, speeding up chemical reactions in the skin. 

Properly formulated, they can assist in removing the buildup of dead skin cells, impurities, and other effluvia. 

How Does It Work?

The mask contains living enzymes that stimulate our natural enzymes to speed up cellular processes within the skin. Mask number one (DMK's signature skin treatment) will remove dead skin cells, increase oxygenation and cellular activity in your skin, encourage new collagen and elastin formation, and detoxify your skin to resolve your skin conditions leaving a youthful and healthy glow. While masks two and three (muscle banding) can be applied on top of mask one to lift, firm, and tighten the skin.

Skin & Concerns

Best For: Any and all including acne, dehydrated skin, dry skin, rosacea, pigmentation, enlarged pores, fine lines, and wrinkles

Not recommended for: Almost anyone can receive this facial

Prep & Aftercare

Prep: Come with a clean face. 

Aftercare: Post-treatment dryness can occur. Dead cells that have been caked onto the surface of your skin, unable to slough off, are now finally beginning to shed away, resulting in the skin feeling slightly tight and dry. Recommended professional skincare can help this process and maintain lasting results.

Downtime: Allow 20-30 minutes for the plasmatic effect to subside. Purging may occur due to the release of underlying congestion trapped deep within the pores.

Session recommendations: Series of 6-12 sessions done 1-2 weeks apart with the option of monthly maintenance sessions.

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