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 Facial Infusion

Gently resurfaces your skin and generates a 30-day collagen increase with the Facial Infusion, the first and only non-acid peel on the market. Fantastic for aging, acne, dark spots, and rosacea.

About The Facial Infusion

Skin Concerns

Acne, dehydrated skin, dry skin, pigmentation, fine lines, texture, and wrinkles

Not Recommended for: Pregnancy or breastfeeding, anyone taking prescribed acne medicine or prescribed vitamin A derived products

How Does It Work?

The Facial Infusion has a high concentration of 2% retinaldehyde which is 1000 times stronger than retinol along with other high doses of active ingredients. These ingredients travel deep into the dermis through a liposome delivery system that mimics your cell wall and is recognized by the cells for easy transportation. It gently resurfaces the skin by encouraging cellular renewal.

The Infusion Facial utilizes both Nano Infusion Needling and the Facial Infusion which is the first and only non-acid peel on the market. It generates a 30-day collagen increase and gently resurfaces the skin. This treatment enhances results for blemishes, fine lines, wrinkles, rosacea, and dark spots. It is placed in the category of dermal peels but is considered more of a dermal treatment. It is designed to increase circulation, boost immunity and hydration without the inflammation found in traditional peels. 

What is The Infusion Facial?
Prep & Aftercare

Prep: Recommended to be a current client and receive at least one Nano Needling treatment prior to The Infusion Facial. Use recommended serum 30 days prior to treatment for best results. Stop using any vitamin A serums 3 days prior to treatment, you may continue use one week after treatment. 

Aftercare: Day 1-7: Keep your routine simple after your treatment as your skin will be undergoing a deep exfoliation, and discontinue use of vitamin A serum at this time. You can cleanse, serum, moisturizer and SPF. 

First week post treatment DO NOT:

-Pick, peel, scrape or scratch your skin - it might cause scarring and reveal skin that is not ready to come to the surface

-exfoliate or wax until your skin has normalized

-spend a prolonged time in the sun, and when in the sun always use SPF

*You may continue use of vitamin A serums once skin has normalized 

Downtime: Mild dryness/peeling as this is the skin's response to speeding up of exfoliation.

Day 1-2: You may experience tightness, dryness, flaking, and slight orange skin discoloration (due to the high amounts of Beta Carotene), all of which are normal. If you don’t experience this it doesn't mean the treatment wasn't a success.

Day 3-7: Skin can gradually become drier and tighter. This is normal and sloughing of the skin may begin and may last up to 7 days. 

Session recommendations: once a month

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