The Facial Room


Healthy skin begins the moment you decide to take care of yourself


Younger-looking skin in as little as 3 treatments.


Help your body feel rejuvenated with a relaxing massage. 

Self Love.
Healthy Skin.

Let me introduce you to The Facial Room, a facial spa in the Mountain Park community of Lake Oswego. Many of my clients never knew the gem that was tucked in their very own neighborhood. 


I am Rachael. The owner, esthetician, and massage therapist here at The Facial Room. It took me years to find the skincare treatments that were high quality, effective and lit my skincare soul on fire! I understand everyone is unique. Whether you are looking for a luxurious facial or skin revision I have treatments that you can indulge yourself and your skin.

"We have been taught to compare ourselves to each other. I want more than anything to inspire people to love and appreciate themselves for who they are right now. I can perform high-quality treatments with the most effective skincare regimen for someone, but the way they show up for themselves daily will always shine brighter. Let's love ourselves first but have flawless skin and joy while doing it; this is where beauty meets wellness."


Rachael Cone


We Hear
       Your Love

"Since getting the DMK treatments my skin has looked noticeably different and younger. I'm thrilled with my results and have booked another 3 sessions!"


"I'm only on my second treatment and I've already had two close friends tell me that my skin is looking fresher."


"FINALLY! Something that ACTUALLY works! I've tried everything to help my skin and reverse some of the damage I've done to it from too much sun exposure. This actually works and Rachael is amazing at what she does!


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