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Clear Skin Program

The Clear Skin Program is designed for someone with mild to severe acne prone skin. When following our specific at-home protocols, there is a 90% success rate in acne reduction.  Let our professionally trained estheticians take the uncertainty and frustration out of trying to manage acne at home by yourself.

Clear Skin Program

What is the Clear Skin Program?

As your dedicated Face Reality Acne Specialist, I am here to show you the way to clearer skin. Take guesswork and frustration out of acne treatment. This program consists of six 45-minute sessions scheduled every other week and requires additional homecare products. The average initial investment for products is $150 - $200. Most products will last roughly 8 -12 weeks, depending on the product and regimen.

How Does It Work?

For your initial visit, schedule the Pore Perfection Facial.


Each session we will review home care products and adjust them as needed. Treatments include a cleanse, enzyme treatment or acne peel, facial mask, and extractions. Time permitting, LED therapy will be incorporated.

Skin Concerns

Recommended for:

Acne, mild-severe rosacea and blemish prone


Prep: Come in with a clean face


Aftercare: If acne peel is applied do not use any active skincare products until the following day, use SPF during the day, and use homecare products as recommended


Downtime: Possibly some redness. If an acne peel is applied, some might notice slight peeling or dryness a few days after your session as your skin undergoes its natural renewal process. If this occurs do not pick or peel.

Recommendations: Every other week 

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