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The Facial Room

The Nano Facial

Advanced Treatments
Osmosis non-acid peel

This product generates a 30-day collagen increase and gently resurfaces the skin. This treatment enhances results for blemishes, fine lines, wrinkles, rosacea, and hyperpigmentation. It is placed in the category of dermal peels but is considered more of a dermal treatment. It is designed to increase circulation and boost immunity and hydration without the inflammation found in traditional peels. Discontinue using Vitamin A serums for 7 days after treatment. Dryness or light peeling can occur 3-7days after treatment.

Revita Pen 

A no-needle alternative to micro-needling. This device gently creates a series of microchannels to drive and infuse the skin with active serums deep into the surface of your skin without causing it harm. No pain or downtime. Not recommended for inflammed acne, cancer, severe rosacea, or auto imminue disorders 

The Signature Facial utilizes advanced treatments all geared twords enhancing your skin's health. Every session will be tailored to your unique skincare goals. Read below to learn about the possible treatments available to you when you book this session. If you see anything particulary interesting mention it when you reserve your session. 

Celluma LED & 
High Frequency

Celluma LED Light: Relax under the LED light as it increases collagen and elastin production for age management or kills bacteria for acne care. Increase skin health, tone, and texture with this treatment. Not suitable for anyone with a history of epilepsy or seizures, cortisone or steroid injections, photosensitive drugs, or cancer

High Frequency: Oxygenates the skin's surface, kills P. acne bacteria, stimulates circulation and aids in detoxification, contracts blood vessels minimizing red inflamed skin. Not suitable for anyone with a heart condition, pacemaker, pregnant, history of epilesy or seizure, excessive dental fillings or braces. ​

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