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The Facial Room

"The Journey Never Ends; You Just Learn How to Pivot."

I first began my journey in 2008 when I became a licensed massage therapist and in 2017 I continued my education in skincare. In 2018 I co-opened Vista Massage & Wellness - a sanctuary for massage therapists to build their wellness businesses and elevate each other while serving the community through massage. After sustaining injuries to my wrists I pivoted from offering massage services to skincare and that is when The Facial Room was born. I take pride in the treatments and high-quality products that I offer. I enjoy continuing my education through professional classes and am always learning. 


When I am not in the treatment room, you can find me at home watching the latest Netflix obsession or spending time outdoors. I love personal development and self-reflection activities such as therapy, journaling, meditation, and yoga. Knowing and connecting to myself has brought the most joy and happiness into my life. I hope to share that joy and connection with you in your session. 


"As women, we have been taught to compare ourselves to each other. I want more than anything to inspire people to love and appreciate themselves for who they are right now. I can perform high-quality treatments with the most effective skincare regimen for someone, but the way they show up for themselves daily will always shine brighter. Let's love ourselves first but have flawless skin and joy while doing it; this is where beauty meets wellness." 



Meet Rachael 

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